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Welcome to the “world” of Scotch whisky

If you are looking for a tasty scotch whisky from Scotland's famous distilleries, then you are in the right place. We import and sell directly from the distilleries from Scotland. And now you have the opportunity to get this kind of alcoholic beverages in the exceptional quality and a great price.

  • Single malt scotch whisky
  • blended malt
  • excellent Irish whiskey

and other types of alcoholic beverages such as:

  • gin
  • rum
  • liqueurs
  • cognac
  • French wines
  • champagne
  • excellent Italian wines

All this can be found in the store Fous Spirits in Brandys nad Labem and Prague Henry´s Tower.

Whisky fans will appreciate free tastings in our stores in Prague and Brandys nad Labem, which are often accompanied by expert commentary on the origin, style burning and maturation of specific brands of whisky. Come, or contact us to learn more.

Taste brand cigars and buy them from us with cigars accessories (ashtrays, matches, cases, etc.)

All offered products are in stock, so you can pick up it directly in our stores in Prague and Brandys nad Labem. Of course we can sent it to your house.

Retail and wholesale

We welcome anyone interested in exceptional drinks. We will provide detailed information on every product that we offer. You can find there also delicious cigars and everything that belongs to them. Restaurants, bars and other large customers will find detailed information about the sale of liquor on this website Enter the e-shop and enjoy the high quality whiskey in Prague deliver within 24 hours, to the rest of the Czech Republic within 48 hours.

All products are in stock.


Order a gift voucher for any value info@e-whisky.cz or buy directly in stores.


Detail produktu Springbank 10y/o 46%
Price:  1 231,41 Kč
incl. vat:  1 490,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Longrow Peated
Price:  1 231,41 Kč
incl. vat:  1 490,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Lauders 40% 700 ml
Price:  342,98 Kč
incl. vat:  415,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Old Pulteney 12y/o 40%
Price:  946,29 Kč
incl. vat:  1 145,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Grand Macnish 40%, 700 ml
Price:  351,24 Kč
incl. vat:  425,00 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Islay Mist de Luxe 40% 700 ml
Price:  409,10 Kč
incl. vat:  495,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Isle of Skye 8 y/o 40%
Price:  471,08 Kč
incl. vat:  570,01 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu London Hill Dry Gin 40%  700 ml
Price:  338,02 Kč
incl. vat:  409,00 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Old Raj Dry Gin 46%
Price:  513,15 Kč
incl. vat:  620,91 Kč
on stock
Detail produktu Cognac Vieux Grande Champagne 40%
Price:  7 947,11 Kč
incl. vat:  9 616,00 Kč
on stock
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